QuickBooks Setup for Dentist

QuickBooks Setup for Dentist

Selecting QuickBooks is a wise decision for them to manage the Dental practice organized in a good manner. But you can get a more advanced way through the only Dentist version launched from QuickBooks. The Advantage of QuickBooks is that you can manage the most day today in a very easy manner. QuickBooks release its version timely for specific people. Dentists can get below benefits from QuickBooks.

Benefits from QuickBooks

  • Set up the new expanding practices
  • On-site QuickBooks training and seminar offerings, covering areas as :
    1. What to look for in financial statements
    2. Formattings Quickbooks for dental practice
    3. In house financial statement preparation
    4. Tips for handling payroll
    5. Designing a chart of accounts
    6. Importing transactions
    7. Understanding financial ratios
    8. Short term and Long term benchmarks
    9. Top ten QuickBooks errors in a Dental place
  • Co sourcing monthly accounting services through QuickBooks

If you have not set up your accounts till now, its highly recommended that you need to call QuickBooks Helpdesk as soon as possible.

Tips to Stay Organized and efficient

There are many tips which help you to manage the data more efficiently, some tips are mentioned below:

  1. The Starting- Before starting we have to remember things such as keep your personal and practice checking accounts separate, do not mix the funds, keep track of the receipts to give support to your expenses.
  2. Version Selection remote access- Always choose the version which is best suitable for you.
  3. Chart of accounts- Always customizes your chart of accounts. Although QuickBook generates the chart of accounts, your case is for dental practice so it will automatically generate the various assets such as liability, revenue, etc
  4. Reporting- Another way to organize the information is to use memorize reports. This will save your time to recreate the reports whenever you want to look at them.

How to QuickBooks Setup for Dentist?

  • In Accounting, click on set up

Open dental can automatically create the accounting transactions for deposits in the QuickBooks accounting software. The Bridge was designed using QuickBooks 2012 and may not work with another version. Follow the below instructions to enable the QuickBooks bridge. After enabling see Deposit slip, QuickBooks for instructions on sending new and old deposits to QuickBooks. To enable the QuickBooks Bridge:

  • Install QuickBooks on the local computer, provides access to the company file and login as an administrator
  • Install the QuickBooks foundation class
  • Deposit Software- Select QuickBooks
  • Company File- Mention the way towards your QuickBooks company file. To browse for the company file, first close the QuickBooks, after adding you need to run the QuickBooks again
  • Connect- Click to open the security window from QuickBooks
  • Select Yes and click on continue
  • List of accounts to Deposit to- Click add and select the deposit account to add it to the picklist. Accounts entered will be options while sending a deposit to QuickBooks on the edit deposit slip window
  • List of income accounts- Click add to select the income account options available when the deposit transactions are created.
  • Enable QuickBooks Class refs- The Preferences is useful for people who want to track the deposits in the QuickBooks by the clinic.
    1. Checked- Enable the user to assign the class refs to deposits. A class List area shows listing the class options which will be available when sending a deposit to QuickBooks
    2. To add a class ref, click add ad select it from input dropdown, after that click OK
    3. To remove a class ref highlight it and click remove
    4. Unchecked- There will be no class selection option on the Edit Deposit window

Finally, click Ok to save the settings. The next time a deposit is created in open dental, deposit transactions will be automatically created within QuickBooks company file with the accounts you had chosen at the time of creation.


For more information get back to QuickBooks Helpdesk. It is available always 24*7 to give you tremendous support for your work. QuickBooks Technicians are, polite, professional, and able to solve your issues quickly. They take minimum time to sort all types of issues related to QuickBooks and helps you to work seamlessly and without any errors.

Source: https://bit.ly/35S9EfC

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